Epic Halloween Display Is Guaranteed To Get You In The Spooky Spirit

People usually associate outdoor lights with Christmas, but there are some people out there who have decided that Halloween deserves the same amount of celebration. When they decided to do this, they went all out.

Brandon Bullis has been responsible for the Edwards Landing Lights for years now, but each holiday season we are always excited to see what they created. The lights are set to music that people can hear if they tune in to a radio station in their car.


The house is located in Leesburg, VA, and people come from all over to see the new creation. Bullis has been using their elaborate display as a way to collect money for charity, raising over $4000 for the John Hopkins Children's Center last Christmas alone.

The Halloween display runs for about 30 minutes, and features some of the most popular songs right now....

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Photo: Shared.com


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