Father, Toddler Pepper Sprayed In Seattle Park By Creepy Photographer


A Seattle man and his two-year-old daughter were pepper-sprayed by a man who was allegedly taking photos of women in the park without their permission. Brett Cameron was leaving the wading pool with his daughter Quinn when he saw a man taking photos "of a young girl in her bathing suit, sunbathing." 

He approached the man, identified as David Zaitzeff, and asked if he had permission to take the girl's photograph. Zaitzeff said he did not and left. Later that day, Cameron saw Zaitzeff taking photos of different women without their consent. When Cameron confronted him, Zaitzeff started taking photos of Cameron and his daughter. 

“I said don’t take any more, or I’m going to take the camera,” Cameron told King5. “At that point, he had something around his wrist… he raised it up and sprayed my daughter right in the face, sprayed me right in the face.”

Police arrested Zaitzeff and charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault. He has had previous run-ins with the authorities at the park and “frequently walked around the lake in scantily-clad clothing usually with a sign saying ‘free hugs.’”He also has an online blog which is filled with photos of women sunbathing in bikinis.

“He’s doing it for bad reasons,” said Cameron. “I wouldn’t want him taking pictures of my daughter. I don’t think he should be taking pictures of other people’s daughters for impure reasons.”


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