Burnt, Red Demon Appears In Girls' Selfie Video

Just about everyone in the country has a cell phone now and nearly all of those people record videos with them, so with all that filming, there are bound to be strange things caught on camera - and there have been. From a dark figure showing up, to strange creatures walking by, to a girl spontaneously appearing - the weird footage is plentiful. Now, there is a new clip to add to the library of bizarre vids.

It starts off perfectly innocent, showing a girl and her friend laughing together in a bedroom. In fact, the women who filmed it didn't notice anything strange about the video until they sent it to a friend and that girl pointed out what looks like a burnt, red-faced demon behind them.

She posted it to Reddit with the caption, "Something with a red face came up behind my friend. She was drinking and there was no one else in the room with them. It randomly shows up behind the girl on the left's head." She also noted, "I think it was a demon or something cause lots of bad stuff was happening at her house and sad stuff with her family."

It happens very quickly, only appearing in the last second of the video, but someone brought the clip to YouTube where they analyzed it, slowing it down to really show the creepy figure.

Commenters on the video were disturbed, with ones on YouTube writing, "Dang man, that is some scary s**t! Shoot! You can see it rising behind the girl!!!!" and "It's [Freddy] Kruger!" Meanwhile, on Reddit they wrote things like, "That scared me. Regretting watching that late at night. It appears so quickly but it looked angry."

Of course, there were naysayers as well. One stated, "I don't know what the figure behind her is but the 'eyes' are strands of her hair reflecting light," while another wrote, "It looks like a hair tie (scrunchy) and a balloon in the background."

No word on what it really was, but with 2020 being how it is, anything is possible.

Photo: Getty Images