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Before leaving on his trip to Los Angeles, President Biden addressed a group of reporters at the White House before leaving on Marine One when one reporter called Biden out for the real reason of the trip.

When Biden reached the press pool, a reporter is heard yelling, “You’re going to California. Is this about coming up with a Plan B for 2024 — does Gavin need to stand by?”

Biden seemed to ignore the question and bizarrely said,  “Are you ready?”

“Well I’m looking for— I’m looking at you. We’re looking at you,” the now 81-year-old said seeming to forget what was happening.

Many have been speculating that the Newsom team has behind the scenes been running an unofficial campaign for President if Biden decides that he is unable to run. If that was the case, then what about Kamala Harris? Wouldn’t she be the logical next pick?

Recent polls show President Biden trailing Republican frontrunner Donald Trump as well as increasing concerns over Biden’s mental health after a scathing special counsel Robert Hur’s report was released have supporters and donors eyeing a plan B if Biden can’t make it to the finish line. The report claimed Biden to be a “elderly man with a poor memory,” and described his memory as “hazy, fuzzy, faulty and poor,” with “significant limitations.”  Not exactly what the Biden campaign wants to hear with many Americans having great concerns with his ability to do the job.

If Biden was to win reelection, at the end of his second term in office he would be 86-years-old.  The New York Times recently covered the issue of his age and according to the publisher A.G. Sulzberger, the White House is  “extremely upset.”

“We are going to continue to report fully and fairly, not just on Donald Trump but also on President Joe Biden. He is a historically unpopular incumbent and the oldest man to ever hold this office. We’ve reported on both of those realities extensively, and the White House has been extremely upset about it,” he said.

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