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The Joe Pags Show

The Joe Pags Show originates from 1200 WOAI in San Antonio and can be heard on affiliate stations around the country and on the iHeartRadio app. Call...Full Bio

DOJ unseals indictment-Hour 1

Joe Biden gets lost again-Hour 2

Pags Presents: President Joe Biden's Speech Fumbles - A Compilation of the Latest PLUS - Beanz Joins Joe Pags: Exploring Strange UFO Stories and the Rising Impact of AI Implementation.

Budlight hasn't learned their lesson-Hour 3

Budlight still continues to sponsor woke events. PLUS...Joe talks with Michael Regan this hour about his Dad, Ronald Reagan, and what his Dad might think about what's going on with former President Trump

Interview with Tracy Beanz

Joe speaks with Tracy about the military being consumed with sexual orientation, woke advertising, and much more.

Would you start watching CNN if it gets sold?-Hour 1

A billionaire is offering to buy CNN and run it for 1 dollar a year...Joe breaks down the story about how that would change the landscape of broadcast news

Remember that little silver button thing on the floor of your car?-Hour 2

What are some items you had back when you were growing up that most millennials wouldn't know what to do with? PLUS...Attorney General Andrew Bailey from Missouri joins Joe at the bottom of hour two

Trump gets indicted-Hour 3

Former President Trump is facing federal indictment charges related to document handling and obstruction. PLUS...Exclusive Live Interview: John Catsimatidis Talks CNN Acquisition Offer with Joe Pags - A Media Mogul's Bold Move.

Interview with Andrew Bailey

Joe speaks with Attorney General Bailey from Missouri about fentanyl, issues at the border, legal triumphs and much more.

Mike Pence announces he is running for President-Hour 1

More candidates are jumping into the field for the GOP Presidential ticket...Joe breaks down the former Vice President Mike Pence's announcement.

Could Tucker Carlson get sued by Fox News?-Hour 2

Fox News claims Tucker Carlson has breached his contract by launching his new show on Twitter. PLUS...Kari Lake joins Joe at the bottom of this hour as she continues her fight in Arizona